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CALL for CITIES 10 – Cities, a contemporary view

In 2022 CITIES magazine reaches number 10! A good number, which we honestly did not know we would reach… and this already encourages us to move forward. If you want to find out more about the history of CITIES, read at http://www.italianstreetphotography.com/sezione-cities/cities-story   You can browse the nine issues of CITIES online at https://issuu.com/isp-italianstreetphotography

To worthily celebrate this milestone we have prepared a great initiative with some of our partners: the collective exhibition "CITIES, a contemporary view", which will be hosted at the 10th edition of the Festival Fotografico Europeo, then at Corigliano Calabro Fotografia and finally at Officine Fotografiche Roma with the presentation of CITIES 10, a special volume made up of a dozen projects and stories selected by the call!

- The theme of the call is Urban Photography in all its forms: documentary, reportage, portraiture, architectural, street photography, conceptual… In practice, excluding WildLife.

The call concerns portfolios, thematic series and authorial projects of urban photography, which will participate in a selection by the editorial committee of CITIES composed of Angelo Cucchetto, Attilio Lauria, Sonia Pampuri and Graziano Perotti.

The call will serve to identify 20 authors, who will participate in the collective exhibition "CITIES, a contemporary view" with their works deriving from the series sent, an exhibition that will be hosted in april.-may at the 10th edition of the Festival Fotografico Europeo, then from July at  Corigliano Calabro Fotografia ed last, in October,  Officine Fotografiche Roma

In addition, 12 authors among the projects sent to the call will be invited to participate in issue 10 of CITIES, which will contain, in addition to some "Focus Author", the project series selected by the editorial staff, which will be in the company of two project series by Gabi Ben Avraham and Stefano Mirabella. The volume will accompany the course of the exhibition, and will be presented at the openings in the various locations.

- to participate in the call, fill in the form below and pay the registration fee of € 30 as per instructions. After payment, the Author can send a wetransfer with the images of the story directly to info@italianstreephotography.com

- The material concerning the photographic project must be provided by February 28, 2022, the expiry date of the call for applications. You are asked to send a Wt with a minimum of 4 maximum 16 images in Jpg, and a word of maximum 5000 characters with the description of the project or series.

- After the deadline of the call, the editorial committee composed of Angelo Cucchetto, Attilio Lauria, Sonia Pampuri and Graziano Perotti will proceed to select the portfolios received, and by March 15, 2022 the authors of the selected projects will be contacted and their participation will be finalized and confirmed.

- For the exhibition "CITIES, a contemporary view" each selected author will appear with two works, fine art printed in 60x40 format. (prints costs by authors)

- For the CITIES 10 volume, each selected Author will have a dedicated section of 8 pages.

- The reproduction rights of the images remain with the Authors, who only grant the organizers (all the partner companies) the rights of use for the publication of the images selected for the exhibition and volume, as well as for the communication linked to and exclusively concerning the project.

participation in the Call requires a fee of € 30 per project and all Italian and foreign citizens of age can participate.

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