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"TRAVELGRAM BY CPL", the second exhibition of TTA World Pics, opens on September 2 at 18.00 in the Aranciaia of Colorno, with other exhibitions of the Colorno Photo Life Festival," including the solo show “Thirsty Iran" by Yalda Moaiery present in issue 12 of "CITIES", the magazine published by ISP, and the solo show "beyond belonging" by Lidia Caputo, winner of the Musa award for women photographers 2022.

On September 2, the opening of the exhibition will be followed by a projection of the best selected portfolios of the TTA 2023 award.

The opening will be attended by Roberto Gabriele, TTA team, who in those days will realize with Gigi Montali two very interesting workshops with 4 hands:  "stage photography" and  "His Majesty Parmesan"

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The exhibition will remain open for the duration of the festival, until November 12th.

TTA - TRAVEL TALES AWARD, is an extensive initiative  of Starring for the promotion of stories and authorial portfolios related to Travel Photography, an important award now in its third edition, embraced by many of the most famous Italian companies in the Photography sector:, Viaggio Fotografico, Il FOTOGRAFO, OTTO Gallery, Colorno Photo Life, Corigliano Calabro Fotografia, TravelGlobe Magazine, ISP - CITIES and NOC Sensei.

The path of stories is flanked by the TTA  World Pics  initiative, linked to  Instagram:  among  all those who  published images on IG between mid-February and mid-April with the hashtag #TTA2023 selections were made, and among the more than 4,200  images published, 120 images were sent to vote, which between 10 and 21 May received on TTA more than 25,000 likes.  Among the finalists were confirmed the authors of the TWO TTA World Pics exhibitions scheduled.

40 selected images make up the exhibition  "#TRAVELGRAM BY CPL" which  opens on September 2 in the orange house of Colorno, included in the program of the Colorno Photo Life Festival

The authors, from all over the world: Anna Consilia Alemanno, Sara Aliscioni, Eleonora Angeloni, Antonella Ardito, Giovanna Aryafara, Selina Bressan, Sara Castagnasso, Mariano Francesco Ciaccio, Sara Bardotti, Lello Fargione, Chiara Felmini, Flavia Fontana Giusti, Maurizio Gjivovich, Susanna Hiss, Hamzeh Mohammad Hosseini, Aneta Ilievska, Federica Lazzari, Guillaume Michel, Grazia Migliarelli, Corrada Onorifico, Roberto Malagoli, Marco Marcone, Svetlana Markoff, Orietta Masala, Arianna Mazzer, Stefano Miniati, Viviana Negri, Melissa Peritore, Robertino Radovix, Juan Carlos Rodriguez, Andrea Russo, Antonella Salaroli, Michele Sensini, Ignazio Sfragara, Anna Marzia Soria, Muhammad Tayyab, Luciana Trappolino, Annette Van Dijk-Leek, Elena Veniani, Federico Zovadelli.

The exhibition offers an interesting insight into what Photographers produce and consider Travel Photography nowadays: no longer just beautiful sunsets and spectacular scenery, but portraits, reportages, even street photography, which make up a multiethnic and sociological scenario on the current world.

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