Sabato, 11 Marzo 2023

The TTA award has restarted with the general CALL for PORTFOLIO AND STORIES on February 14, 2023, a call that will be active until July 16, 2023!

Once the call is closed, the first selection of projects will be made: 50 portoflio and travel stories will be selected by the jury, for their beauty, evocative power, depth of vision and use of photographic language, and on July 31st the list of 50 selected works will be published.

During the summer break, the TTA 2023 jury will examine the 50 works in selection and will proceed to confirm the projects that will access the proposed initiatives, and their authors will be notified.

The TTA 2023 jury is composed as follows: Federica Berzioli, editor-in-chief of IL FOTOGRAFO, Angelo Cucchetto, owner of and ISP, publisher of CITIES, Loredana De Pace, journalist and curator, Gigliola Foschi, journalist and curator, Roberto Gabriele, photographer and owner of, Gaetano Gianzi, CEO of Corigliano Calabro Fotografia Festival,   Younes Mohammad, journalist and photographer, Gigi Montali, photographer and CEO of the Colorno Photo Life festival, Simona Ottolenghi, owner of and curator of Otto Gallery, Giovanni Pelloso, director of IL FOTOGRAFO, Anton Valchev Savov, EFIAP, ESFIAP and FIAP Bulgaria communication manager and Giedo Van Der Zwan, photographer.

The planned initiatives are numerous, and include portfolios in the magazine Il Fotografo, stories published in the magazine  TravelGlobe, gallery in the magazine Cities, a large collective at the Corigliano Calabro Fotografia festival in  July and August, the exhibition at the Colorno Photo Life festival in  September,  the exhibition of the ten finalist projects in Rome by  Otto Gallery  in November,  the book Travel Tales III for 15/20 authors and various awards, including a solo show at Otto Gallery in 2024!.

In November 2023, at OTTO Rooms & Photogallery in Rome, the award ceremony for the selected authors will take place, with a public event broadcast live on social media and the exhibition of the ten finalist projects.

In February 2024, as "finissage" of the 2023 edition, the book Travel Tales III will be published, during an event dedicated to travel photography and travelers organized in Milan with


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