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Mercoledì, 27 Marzo 2024

TTA 2024 calls are active, you can find all the details to

  • This year it is also possible to participate with syntographic stories (created with artificial intelligence software), for the new section dedicated to imaginary tales.
  • TTA 2024 is ALSO the free call dedicated to single images on Instagram: simply publish a  photo with the hashtag #TTA2024  on IG before May 31, 2024 to participate in the selections for the two TRAVELGRAM  exhibitions in Colorno and Corigliano, and the possibility of being published on the partners' web channels and in the Touring Club magazine.

And for Colorno the theme will be "TOTEM and TABU", so post on instagram the photos about it to have more chances of being selected!

The initiatives planned for the winners are numerous, and include a solo exhibition for the overall winner at Otto Gallery Roma, portfolio on the magazine Il Fotografo, stories chosen from the 50 finalists published on the partners' channels, single photos selected from the call on IG published in the magazine of the Touring Club and selected for the TRAVELGRAM exhibitions at Colorno Photo Life and in Corigliano Calabro Fotografia in September,  the exhibition of the ten winning projects from Otto Gallery Roma, the book TRAVEL TALES IV for 15/20 authors, the new editorial production for the syntographic stories for 20 authors and various other awards.

TTA 2024 partners: e Isp,  Viaggio Fotografico.itIl Fotografo, Touring, Corigliano Calabro Fotografia, Colorno Photo Life, Open Minds for AI, Plovdiv PhotoSaloon, OTTO Gallery .

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