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TTA is a great initiative aimed at Professional and Passionate Photographers who want to participate with single shots or their best travel stories in an award dedicated to high-level travel photography.

Hence Starring, with and Isp, propose TRAVEL TALES AWARD, an extensive initiative for the promotion of authorial projects related to Travel Photography, in collaboration with the magazine  Il Fotografo, the website Viaggio,  the photo festivals Corigliano Calabro Fotografia, Colorno Photo Life and Plovdiv Photo Salon and the OTTO Gallery in Roma.

The 2022 edition of the Award saw the participation of more than 150 authors with stories, with a first selection of 50 stories, and a series of stories awarded in various ways, which you can see in the dedicated section TTA edizione 2022 .
Great success for the World Pics 2022 call, reserved for single shots, with almost 4000 photos published on IG with the specially created hashtag, and 40 photographs selected for the Exhibition in Colorno.

TTA WORLD PICS #2023 starts again on February 1, 2023, with great news!

Above all, the images published on IG with the hashtag #TTA2023 will compete in NOT one but TWO exhibitions!

The first one, with about thirty works, will be exhibited at the Corigliano Calabro Festival, one of the historic Italian photography festivals, thanks to the partnership established with its patron Gaetano Gianzi, who is also co-opted on the  TTA 2023 jury.

The opening of the Festival it will be July 1, 2023.

The second large collective, with 30/40 works, will take place for the second year at the Colorno photo festival, in September 2023.

Furthermore, the works selected for the exhibitions will be exhibited in February 2024 at the large meeting organized by Viaggio Fotografico in Milan, which will close the TTA 2023 edition to launch the 2024 edition!

Another news, the jury will select the works among the 100 most voted images (with the most likes) on IG!

We thought that a popular jury, made up of all those who frequent the social platform and who will like their favorite images and authors, would be perfect to sift through the thousands of images that will be published with the hashtag #TTA2023 on Instagram, and indicate the 100 images from which to select the winners for the two exhibitions!

the TTA jury 2023:

Federica Berzioli, chief editor of IL FOTOGRAFO Magazine
Angelo Cucchetto, owner of and ISP, editor of CITIES
Loredana De Pace,  Journalist and curator
Roberto Gabriele, photographer and owner of
Gaetano Gianzi, Ad of Corigliano Calabro Fotografia Festival
Younes Mohammad, Journalist and photographer
Gigi Montali, photographer and Ad of Colorno Photo Life Festival
Simona Ottolenghi, owner of and curator of Otto Gallery
Giovanni Pelloso, director of IL FOTOGRAFO Magazine
Anton Valchev Savov, EFIAP, ESFIAP and FIAP Liaison Officer for Bulgaria
Giedo Van Der Zwan, photographer

Participating in the selections is easy, just publish after February 1, 2023 and before April 30, 2023, a travel photo (powerful, iconic, significant, curious, rare, unique, in short, a valuable image) on Instagram with the hashtag #TTA2023, and get it voted by friends, acquaintances and followers.
After May 1th 2023, the jury will examine the 100 images that have collected the most likes, to proceed with the choice of the authors who will participate in the two exhibitions.

We are waiting for you!

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