CITIES 12 is coming

Martedì, 30 Maggio 2023
CITIES 12 is coming

CITIES 12 is coming!!!

We have arrived at 12, a number that apparently has nothing as celebratory as the round, cinquine or dozens, but that still marks the path of CITIES as another milestone. Much more than an editorial adventure, our magazine was born with the intention of establishing a continuous and unpreclusive dialogue with the community that practices mix & match  photography, allergic to gender boundaries and always looking for new languages, with authorial proposals that make each issue a reflection on contemporary trends.

Well, that dialogue today has the opportunity to shorten the distances, leaving these pages to come alive with voices and faces along the space of an entire weekend: thanks to the collaboration with the SpaziVisivi association directed by Roberto Bianchi, organizer of the  first edition of the "SANREMO STREET PHOTO FESTIVAL", CITIES presents "ALL YOU CAN STREET - Streeter's FanCon", a forum intended to take stock of the state of the art of the street conducted by its staff  editorial, and organized in round tables inspired by the 5W rule of Anglo-Saxon journalism.

But CITIES wants to do more, and Sanremo will be an opportunity to present the first book of the new editorial authorial series CITIES BOOKS, with the first issue: Fashion Week – Fashion Trip by Massimiliano Faralli!

We also remember that in 2022 CITIES began to offer thematic ws, produced with some of the most interesting authors in the Italian urban photography scene, and that we will continue to do so again this year: at the end of September we offer an unmissable opportunity to enter the heart of the Fashion world, with a ws by Massimiliano Faralli at Milan Fashion Week!

Here is now the Colofon of CITIES 12, 11 stories or cohesive series:

yalda moaiery - Thirsty Iran

Massimo Cristaldi - the metamorphosis of the Stars

Giuseppe Cardoni - Metropolitan Glimps

Massimiliano Faralli - the Dragon dance

Eduardo Asenjo Matus - the sound of silence

Mario Mencacci Temporarily anonymous

Julie Hrudova - Chasing Amsterdam

Salvatore Matarazzo - Reality Mirrors

Aananda Antahleen - City Subconscious

Francesco Verolino - veiled London

Roberto di Patrizi - Railway Station


CITIES Magazine

edited by ISP -

concept of Angelo Cucchetto

Michele Di Donato, marketing

Fabiola Di Maggio, Photo Editing

Attilio Lauria, preface

Sonia Pampuri, texts

graphics Giuliano Cossu placeholder image

cover by Aananda Antahleen


Hangar Fotografico

Cities 12 will be previewed in an online talk on Wednesday 14 June at 7 pm by Angelo Cucchetto, Michele Di Donato, Attilio Lauria, Fabiola Di Maggio and Sonia Pampuri.

Texts only in English as befits an international magazine, and for the occasion we have decided to offer the digital version for free, to download and be able to browse comfortably offline, while the printed version of the magazine, at a cost of € 20 per copy, will be available for Italy and throughout Europe and rest of worlds, with shipping costs according to location.

Some of the Authors published in the last issues of CITIES: Alcuni degli Autori pubblicati negli ultimi numeri di CITIES: Federico Arcangeli, Gabi Ben Avraham, Maude Bardet, Diego Bardone, Maria Grazia Beruffi, Andrea Bettancini, Richard Bram, Adriano Cascio, Loredana Celano, Diana Cheren Nygren,Bojan Chibsterr, Lorenzo Cicconi Massi, Luigi Cipriano, Michele Di Donato, Fulvio Eandi, Cody Ellingham, Massimiliano Faralli, Giovanni Firmani, Joseph Ford, Roberto Gabriele, Giorgio Galimberti, Jonathan Jasberg, Jonathan Higbee, Giacomo Infantino, Fabio Itri, Michele Liberti, Gianmarco Maraviglia, Mc Enamul Kabir, Gabriele Lopez, Robbie McIntosh, Stefano Mirabella, Fabio Moscatelli, Tadashi Onishi, Simona Ottolenghi, Graziano Panfili, Giovanni Paolini, Stuart Paton, Pia Parolin, Sergio Perez, Graziano Perotti, Lorenzo Pesce, Raffaele Petralla, Roberto Polillo, Giovanni Presutti, Simone Raeli, Michelle Rick, Gulnara Samoilova, Andrea Scirè, Nancy A. Scherl, Alain Schroeder, Ilya Shtutsa, Sakulchai Sikitikul, Lisa Sorgini, Jeffrey Stockbridge, Streetmax21, Max Sturgeon, Liu Tao, Lia Taddei, Nick Turpin, Giedo Van Der Zwalt, Marietta Varga, Umberto Verdoliva, Rebecca Wiltshire, Anna Zemella, Lorenzo Zoppolato.

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