Cities 12 The Metamorphosis of the Star by Massimo Cristaldi

Domenica, 28 Aprile 2024

The Metamorphosis of the Star by Massimo Cristaldi

Communism is an easy thing that is difficult to accomplish.

Bertolt Brecht


The most significant and interesting feature of Massimo Cristaldi's fascinating work is creative gambling.  That push that allows the artist to look at reality in depth beyond what anyone's eye would see. In this case the author's gaze shows us an apparently labile bond perhaps even inconsistent but that in the diptychs that make up this work reveals to our surprised eyes all its deep-rooted strength: two peoples who cross in the street and with the strength of their traditions the epochal change that communist regimes are facing due to globalization.

Cristaldi tells us about it: "The idea for this project was born at the great door of the "Barrio Chino" in Havana, with the aim of explore and visually document the similarities and differences between Cuba and China.

Trying to bridge the conceptual gap between these nations, the project focuses about what they have most in common: people on the street, communist regimes in Change, iconic leaders and stars in flags. Despite the Differences in population, economy and cultural heritage, the project highlights the similarities between the two nations and tries to overcome prejudices focusing on the basic elements of daily life such as smiles, dances and visual cues of bold similarities".



Massimo Cristaldi was born in Catania (Italy) in 1970. He was awarded in many international photography competitions such as International Photography Awards, Sony World Photography Awards, Travel Photographers Of the Year. Massimo has exposed in Europe, US, Canada and Brazil, in solo and group shows and at photography festivals. He is represented by galleries in Belgium, USA and Italy. He lives and works both in Catania and Rome. Massimo’s photographs are part of the permanent collection of the George Eastman House, International museum of photography and Film in Rochester, NY (USA).

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