Cities 12 Metropolitan Glimps by Giuseppe Cardoni

Domenica, 28 Aprile 2024
Cities 12 Metropolitan Glimps by Giuseppe Cardoni

Metropolitan Glimps by Giuseppe Cardoni

Loneliness is never with you; It is always without you, and only possible with a stranger around. Luigi Pirandello

Giuseppe Cardoni is an author with an extreme poetic sensitivity. His works always explore the soul of the subjects that his lens frames and make it a paradigmatic story in which each viewer, each of us, finds a fragment of himself.

 Also in the present work the usual magic is repeated. In people caught in their intimate solitude in bare subway carriages we find ourselves, our increasingly frequent inability to leave the comfort zone to meet the diversity of the other. Cardoni is telling us about our inability as humanity to communicate without telling us in fact: he shows it to us and every single image is a punch in the stomach to our deepest fears!

"We are almost in front of an aquarium in which fish swim motionless and / or unconscious - specifies Cardoni - the delimited, circumscribed environment of the subway, with a complete absence of the external landscape and the protagonists absorbed in their thoughts with their heads bowed or intent on looking with the absent gaze of those who look but do not see, as if they were imprisoned in their inner world,  In fact, they show us an almost palpable solitude and a silence that seems to saturate every space of the environment in a metaphysical suspension. Anonymous, unknown, isolated, closed in on themselves, who despite being close to each other almost never interact. The scene is still, extracted from the present and frozen out of time. Suspended!"


Giuseppe Cardoni lives in Umbria,Italy. He is co-author with Luca Cardinalini of the photographic book “STTL La terra ti sia lieve”, with Luigi Loretoni he published in 2008 “Miserere”, in 2011 “Gubbio, I Ceri” and in 2014 “Kovilj”. Also in 2014 he published "Boxing Notes". In 2019 he has published “Jazz Notes". In 2020 he published "Life and Death - Mexican Rhapsody", in 2021 “Passion for Sport”, in 2023 "In and out of the ring" and "Metropolitan Fragments". Winner or finalist in many national and international competitions.




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