Cities 12 Reality Mirrors by Salvatore Matarazzo

Domenica, 28 Aprile 2024
Cities 12 Reality Mirrors by Salvatore Matarazzo


Reality Mirrors by Salvatore Matarazzo

In my life I have fallen in love only with a bottle of beer and a mirror.  

Sid Vicious

Salvatore Matarazzo is a mirror. And his photography necessary not to get lost behind the thousand masks that each of us wears in this era that has so mixed the cards between virtual and real that many of us no longer know clearly who we are.

Certainly Matarazzo's shots are merciless, full of ironic ruthlessness but salvific because they do not reflect faces but souls often lost, sometimes unknown to ourselves much more frequently hidden. Matarazzo's work is therefore "therapeutic" because it leads those who are portrayed and those who look to reflect on what we really are and why not? Maybe to change life and direction!

As he tells us: "I do not leave time to reason to the subject, it is a matter of moments, as long as I keep him in a situation between indecision, curiosity and surprise I can afford to guide the situation. A moment later it's too much, the subject could raise the mask and it would no longer be what I want. My "Reality Mirrors" are a social experiment, a sort of "Mirror" that rebels against the usual aesthetic canons trying to restore a bit of "reality". So the observer can look for himself in someone else's face, find a resemblance and confront one of the subjects photographed, or even look for a friendly face, a memory, a sensation".


Salvatore Matarazzo is a contemporary street photographer, his research is characterized by very expressive portraits that symbolize the manias and obsessions of our time. Since 2015 Salvatore Matarazzo offers individual and group Street Photography workshops, training many photographers in street photography with flash. In October 2022 Salvatore published his second book "Street Tales" published by Psicografici Editori, where with 100 photos he tells his original point of view.

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