Cities 12 The sound of Silence by Eduardo Asenjo Matus

Domenica, 28 Aprile 2024
Cities 12 The sound of Silence by Eduardo Asenjo Matus

The sound of Silence by Eduardo Asenjo Matus

Hello darkness, my old friend
I've come to talk with you again
Because a vision softly creeping
Left its seeds while I was sleeping
And the vision that was planted in my brain
Still remains
Within the sound of silence

(Simon and Garfunkel)

Speed. The rhythm. The movement. Ever since Boccioni or Balla began to tell us through their splendid paintings the modern myth of speed, the city was the undisputed protagonist. In the images of Eduardo Asenjo Matus we find this myth, but declined in the contemporary that is made of urban backgrounds populated by rapidly shifting shadows. What is striking is the rarefied, suspended, almost lyrical poetic figure that Matus gives in this work to the traditional frenzy of the metropolis that he crosses on foot lens at the neck. The sound of silence exactly as in the undisputed and immortal masterpiece of Simon and Garfunkel. The silence is in the shots of Matus thunderous, sometimes syncopated, sometimes subdued and sometimes shouted, but always rhythmic by the step of the men who populate its streets.

After all, as he tells us: "One of the themes that  I constantly photograph is the  relationship between man and the  urban environment, captureor movement,  the flows of both the city and the people who compose it at    a given moment. I wanted something  different, to show  the  way I see the  city,  and so  I started using long exposures and a   neutral density filter so that the shots are not  overexposed. Simply put,  it's the mixture of long exposure with intentional camera movement."


Eduardo Asenjo Matus, Valdivia, Chile 1990, Fujifilm X-Photographer Chile, ambassador, former student of Architecture and Graphic Design.

I discovered this world in 2013 with my first camera, it is here that I found the perfect medium to interpret my hearing problem (Hearing Loss) that I represent with long exposures and the intentional movement of the camera, most of my work is in black and white since I also try to highlight in some way one of my psychological disorders. 
In 2019 I published my first book "The Sound of Silence" with the support of the Municipal Cultural Corporation of Valdivia, some of my works have been exhibited and published in countries such as Spain, India, Ecuador, Germany, Portugal, England, Argentina, Peru, Russia, Iran and the United States. I published my second book entitled "Insurrection" in 2022 with the collaboration of singer Ana Tijoux.

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